Five Life-Changing Technologies To Keep an Eye on

February 7, 2020


With all the internet noise in today’s world, it’s harder to keep up with which technologies will matter. Every technology is getting hyped up by some startup receiving a few hundred million dollars every week.

Information overload is another issue; getting exposed to too much information about different things, consistently reduced focus, and in my experience, happiness.

Checking your Instagram feed every few minutes to see if someone has posted something interesting, reading a quote telling you to wake up at 4 AM, and another to sleep at 4 AM, and no fundamental information provided to either one.

That is getting exposed to information in the wrong way. In the early 10s, I remember hearing that we will have flying cars by 2020. It seems like technology didn’t take that direction.

Ironically, a flying car isn’t rocket science. It’s just basically a car with wings. We have the technology for that, but it’s arguable how practical that is having thousands of cars flying around, with a systematic traffic system.

Technology is evolving so fast that I was afraid something would be out-of-date before I hit publish on this article.So It inspired me to create this list to reduce the noise about technology hype we will have this year.

Here are five technologies that are worth having a close eye.

1. Artificial Intelligence (AI)

AI has been the technology store since 2010, and it doesn’t seem like the excitement is going to wear off.

In simple terms, AI is the “intelligent” ability of a computer program or machine to think, learn, and adjust just like we as humans do.

My predictions for the 2020s are that AI gets used increasingly to refine business processes and make them smarter. More data will be available, which makes AI more useful as data becomes more accurate and accessible.

2. Machine Learning

The word AI is a collective term, which means artificial ability to think.

Machine learning is a subset of it. When using ML (machine learning), you are applying Artificial Intelligence.

With Machine Learning, machines can learn on their own without someone explicitly programming it. It merely allows a program to modify itself based on real-time data scenarios.

3. Virtual Reality

Computers are becoming more powerful, and software is being more optimized. With VR (Virtual Reality), a computer creates a generated simulation of a real-life environment or situation.

By stimulating the users’ vision and hearing, it makes it feel like they are experiencing reality.

The development is growing rapidly. It might become the future of gaming, not only in for gaming industry but for healthcare, education, engineer. Simulating real-world scenarios, without “effecting” the world world, have tremendous benefits.

4. Blockchain

Blockchain is probably the most confusing technology to understand, not only for non-tech people but also for very technical.

For a simple demonstration, blockchain is just a chain (a public database) of digital information (the block). Think of it like a spreadsheet, duplicated in many computers at the same time with password-protected cells.

A known implementation of blockchain technology is Bitcoin, the digital currency.

Blockchain can invent in many industries. Mainly record-keeping in financial technologies (cryptocurrency), medicine, fitness tracking.

5. Internet of Things (IoT)

Connecting more devices to the internet enables us to gather more data.

More governments are now rolling out plans to develop smarter cities, by using different types of electronic Internet of Things (IoT) to collect data with sensors. And then use insights obtained from that data to manage various assets and resources more efficiently.

That can also mean collecting data from citizens.

Great value gets gathered from IoT (Internet of Things). Mainly accessing information, more accessible communication, and enable more advanced automation, which increases human efficiency.


Many more powerful technologies seem to grow and evolve rapidly, 5G Network, Quantum computing, and advancements in robotics are just to name a few.

Not to mention that autonomous cars will save 1 million lives every year, according to Teslas Press Information. And the start of space exploration has just started.

An optimistic view of advancements in these technology means increased speed and efficiency for us humans and the road to building a better world for future generations.

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