Why the Next iPhone Won’t Ship With a Charger and Why You Should Be Happy

July 15, 2020


One of the most pleasing experiences of buying a new iPhone is opening the box itself—now that will most likely be changed with the next release of Apple’s iPhone “12”.

Every year Apple gathers to launch a new iPhone, and this fall is no different.

A successful lunch of a new iPhone has been critical for the company’s overall success as the device stands for more than half of Apple’s total revenue.

The weird part of the story

We are used to certain buying habits and consistently matching prices with the value received when we buy new things. The iPhone is no different, the first question that arises to me when purchasing a new device is that if I will really get enough value that covers the amount of money I am paying for it.

Buying an expensive flagship phone without a charger will sound like buying a tv without the tv itself. Getting an iPhone and having to look for a charger to it in 2020 seems kinda crazy.

Is it a purely selfish move by Apple, charging the same price if not more for the iPhone and giving the customer less, which also means that people that have no chargers at home will be forced to buy a new charger, and holy sh-t Apple’s own chargers aren’t cheap.

People were complaining about iPhones with support for fast-charging was shipping with a slow 5W charger, which made fast-charging more like a luxury to-have for some people as a few wanted to invest more money into having their iPhone charge faster.

People: We don’t want that slow 5W charger.

Apple: As you wish 🙂

But if we look deeply into the decision, it might actually not be that bad of an idea.

Environment impact

The reality is most people buying an iPhone already have an iPhone charger that is as good as the one that Apple was going to include in the box. At the massive number of iPhones getting sold every year, the e-waste saving would be tremendously massive.

Chargers built into the box that most people end up throwing are a gigantic source of e-waste, and if you include tablets and laptop chargers when they get thrown away, we’re looking at a whopping 300,000 tons of e-waste every single year. 300,000 tons saved from our planet, every year—let that sink in.

Not to mention the box getting smaller makes shipping far more effective, so we can fit more phones into every truck and every plane. And speaking at that scale that means real environmental impact.


One of the things that could happen, yet not confirmed, is the price of the iPhone, as a popular reaction by most people would be that if they are not going to ship it with the charger well, they better not charge me the same price as the phone that came with it.

Let’s say an iPhone costs $1000, and Apple reduces that with -30 bucks, we will land on a $970 iPhone. With that, we will also have the flexibility to choose other types of chargers as well. And if we already have a charger at home, that could be a save for our planet.

The Bottom Line

Following Apple’s most likely decision to ship their next iPhones with no charger, we might see cheaper iPhones, huge Environmental change, and some people complaining. I am optimistic about the e-waste save, which I think is a higher priority than anything else on the list.

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